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Come Share Our Stories, Told Through Graphics
I love the desert, the sky,
the open scape.
I love the no human life.
Empty spaces.
Life is the wind on the desert sand.
No human.
Let There Be Sun
Sun.....Life.....Amon Ra....Ancient Times...
Let There Be Dreams
And there shall forever be War between us and the Race of Draconis, for the Race of Draconis was ever powerful in ancient times, when the first temples were built in MAGAN, and they drew down much strength from the stars, but now they are as Wanderers of the Wastelands, and dwell in caves and in deserts, and in all lonely places where they have set up stones.

Let There Be Life
......i cry laments, but no one hears me!
I am overwhelmed with horror!
I cannot see!
Gods, do not cast thy servant down!........

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Let There Be Earth

Let There Be Light
This ring is free to join for all the 3D Artist from Greece whatever program they use.3D Dreams Came True!!
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